You now indicate what it costs to outsource your painting. Are you curious about the exact prices? To get a good idea of the prices, it is wise to request quotations from not one but several painters. Ask us for free and free quotes from up to 4 painters in your neighborhood; this takes only 2 minutes of your time. Because you receive offers from 4 companies, you can easily compare the prices. In no time you will see which company wants to carry out your painting the most cost-effectively. With this comparison, you can quickly save up to 40% on costs.

Interior And Exterior Painting

Painting is a versatile job. Every surface requires a different approach. The most significant differences are related to whether it concerns interior or exterior painting.

Indoor Painting

Interior painting is about once every seven years to a new layer of paint. Vulnerable surfaces, such as the stairs, usually require maintenance more often. Interior art is of great importance for the appearance of your interior. Do you have the most beautiful furniture and accessories in your house, but does the paint peel off your window frames or is your ceiling covered with damp spots? This has a negative influence on the appearance of your entire interior. Therefore, keep the following paintwork well:  walls ,ceiling ,trap ,window frames and doors

Exterior painting

Because of the changing weather conditions that your house has to deal with, outdoor picture is on average more maintenance, once every five years. Exterior painting is perhaps even more important than interior painting. It does not only make your home look beautiful and neat, but also has a protective function. By maintaining your paintwork well, your home is better protected against moisture and weather, and you will endure wear and tear. This benefits the lifespan of your façade, window frames and other parts of your home.

For the outsourcing of exterior paintwork, the prices are slightly higher compared with interior painting. This price difference has to do with various factors. A painter for exterior paintwork, for example, needs a special type of paint and this job often also requires additional materials, such as scaffolding or platform. In the case of exterior painting, a painter can, among other things, take care of the following parts:

window frames and doors facade gutters fence barn painting house

Maintain Painting

When you have had your house painted, you want the picture to last as long as possible. Proper maintenance is crucial to improving the life of the photograph. What actions can you take to maintain your portrait?

Cleaning: Clean your painting about two times a year with a damp cloth. This prevents dust and dirt from attaching to your picture.

Check: Are you cleaning your paintwork? Check the parts immediately for damage, blisters, and cracks. Do you discover moss or algae in your exterior painting? Remove this and clean your picture thoroughly to avoid moisture problems.

Update: Have you discovered any damage in your painting? Have it updated as quickly as possible by a painter? This prevents the damage from getting bigger.

Ventilate: Provide constant ventilation in the house by, for example, leaving the ventilation grids open 24 hours a day. This discharges moist air to the outside. Not only good for the life of your interior painting, but also your health.

Paint types

The quality and longevity of your painting depend to a great extent on the choice of paint type. Are you looking for a kind of paint for your interior or exterior painting?

Fresh inside painting

Since 2001 painters have been obliged to use water-based paint for indoor picture. This paint is more environmentally friendly and also less harmful to your health. Many applied colors for interior painting are:

acrylic paint , late very…

Are you painting the exterior of your home? Then choose a variety of paint that is specifically intended for exterior painting. The color must be able to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. A favorite type of paint for exterior painting is alkyd paint. This is a durable and well-covering oil-based paint.

Outsourcing The Painting

Do you want to be assured of a nice result? Then leave the picture to an experienced painting company. The costs are higher than when you do the job yourself, but you will benefit from the following benefits if you outsource the painting:

You save time: Do not want to waste your free evenings and holidays on painting your home? Leave the picture to a professional painter. Thanks to years of experience, a painter has finished the job in no time.

Assured of quality: A professional painter has all the knowledge and experience to easily equip each painting with a perfectly finished coat of paint. This way a painter knows precisely which type of color, materials and painting technique is suitable for your home and you enjoy the beautiful result for years.

Safety: There are some hazards involved in painting. Imagine: you are painting the windows on the top floor of your house, losing your balance and falling from a considerable height. To avoid such unpleasant situations and injuries, it is wise to hire a painter who knows and handles the correct safety procedures.